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At Collins Gregory Real Estate, we understand the importance of offering a quality customer experience for our investors, tenants and local suppliers. Building & maintaining relationships has always been our focus.

We are a real estate agency that believes in using the best that technology can offer to make your experience a great one. We are energetic, dedicated and have a genuine passion for delivering a great customer experience. 

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Real Estate. Delivered Together.

Firmly focused upon providing an exceptional experience to its customers, tenants and local service providers, Collins Gregory Real Estate is quickly becoming synonymous within the Ipswich and Springfield Lakes region for delivering outstanding property management and real estate service.

With extensive experience in property management, our agency specialises in the residential property market. This means that all of our resources and capabilities are focused towards ensuring our investors receive the best possible service & return on their investment.

With a combined total of over 20 year’s experience, our team of professional Real Estate Agents will ensure that your investment is in the right hands.

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7 days

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(May 2020 to July 2020)


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Call us and see how we can provide you with a better experience for your real estate & property management needs.

Call me on (07) 3622 6436

Email: hello@collinsgregory.com.au

Landlord & Property Management Resources

We support many suburbs in Ipswich, Qld

As a genuinely local agency, we support investors and landlords with properties across the region of Ipswich.

  • Property Managers for Ripley
  • Property Managers for Riverview
  • Property Managers for Sadliers Crossing
  • Property Managers for Silkstone
  • Property Managers for South Ripley
  • Property Managers for Spring Mountain
  • Property Managers for Springfield Lakes & Greater Springfield
  • Property Managers for Tivoli
  • Property Managers for Yamanto

We support South West Brisbane and Centenary suburbs as well.